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February 24 2020

12 Important Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Redesign By Subraa Freelance Web Designer Singapore

The digital world is upgrading fast and we are adapting to technologies as we upgrade. Changes are inevitable, be it freelance web designer in Singapore or Logo designer in Singapore adapting to changes and advising the clients of the latest trends in the digital market and helping them with the needs are necessary.

There are some motives to redecorate your website, some extra compelling than others. However, remodeling your website might be one of the last matters you think about on your business. However, it’s crucial to understand and renowned the important function your internet site plays to your consumer acquisition efforts and the overall effect that it has on income and revenue. For advertising to be effective, each touch factor with a prospective purchaser ought to be in alignment. That consists of your website that's certainly one of your most crucial salespeople. That’s why when considering a website redecorate, that's your most important storefront and a key player on your lead generation efforts, you should take into account the subsequent 12 reasons to redecorate your website. Professional freelance website designer in Singapore to create an effective website design to improve your website performance.

1. You are embarrassed by way of your website

If you are embarrassed to present out your website deal with because you're terrified of what your prospects might think of it, it could be time to keep in mind a internet site remodel. I come across many business owners at networking occasions who truly don’t want each person to go to their website because they are embarrassed. They recognize that they want a redecorate and they may be planning to get round to it, they simply haven’t yet. A bad internet site can hurt your business a ways more than no longer having one at all, because of the belief it offers of your agency.

2. Your internet site now does not accurately display your brand.

To be taken critically and to be taken into consideration a professional, credible business, it’s extremely essential for your internet site to paint a strong brand picture that represents your company appropriately and captures the essence of your brand. A stronger brand photo has the potential to take small groups and entrepreneurs and cause them to stand out among their large competitors, leveling the playing field.
Freelance Web Designer Singapore

3. Your website is previous as compared to the new design developments.

With design trends converting every few years a website this is or three years vintage can without difficulty appear outdated when in comparison to a competitor who has a website that is up to date with the ultra-modern design traits. The cutting-edge design tendencies now name for a flat design using easy patterns which are two dimensional with a clean, modern-day look that caters to cellular interfaces in addition to desktops. It takes a simple, minimalist method to design, which has been embraced by many companies, consisting of Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks etc. With cell usage on pace to triumph over desktop utilization, complicated designs with large images, make it greater tough for site visitors to browse your internet site. Flat design makes it less difficult.

4. Your website isn’t responsive.

Responsive design makes an internet site without difficulty adaptable to in shape the screen sizes of any cell device. In reviewing your analytics if you find out that a big chew of your website traffic is originating from a cellular device it’s time for a responsive layout. Your internet site visitors can use different cell devices consisting of an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Samsung Note etc. A responsive design makes it possible for visitors to navigate your website without problems across most of these unique gadgets, presenting an extremely good user experience. Furthermore, Google is now telling searchers whether or not your website is mobile pleasant or now not with their new cell pleasant test. This will inevitably affect your credibility, click-through rate, lead technology and sales.

5. You are losing cell visitors.

If your internet site isn't mobile friendly and a massive portion of your site visitors are originating from a mobile device, you'll be losing site visitors and experiencing a better bounce price than usual. This will no question directly affect your backside line, because it will fee you treasured leads. A powerful website redesign will cope with this difficulty and help you lessen your bounce charge and increase conversions.

6. Your internet site no longer mirrors the enlargement of your abilities and offering.

If the listing of offerings which you offer has grown and your old website does no longer reflect the total suite of offerings which you now offer, this can end result in clients going somewhere else to get a service which you offer because they weren’t aware that you provided that service. By redesigning your website you can increase your list of offerings to include all the services you provide, so that every traveler and consumer is aware about the whole thing you offer.

7. Your internet site isn't always optimized for serps.

Perhaps your internet site became built using a template or your urls are dynamic. A website remodel allows you to improve your site structure so that it's far extra SEO pleasant. A website redecorate permit you to enhance your coding and make your internet site as an entire extra search engine marketing pleasant using custom page urls, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Page Titles and Alt Tags by utilising a extra advanced Content Management System that offers you greater flexibility and makes optimizing your website less difficult.

8. Your website currently does no longer aid a content advertising method.

Implementing content advertising and marketing as a part of your marketing approach will let you construct trust, establish credibility and increase traffic and leads. If you're planning to implement a content method and your modern internet site structure wasn’t built with a content strategy in mind, a internet site remodel could make it simpler for site visitors to locate your content, in order to domesticate a lead database and put in force advertising and marketing automation. A new internet site will assist you to set a higher basis to get you on the proper direction to successful content advertising and marketing.

9. Your internet site is built on previous technology.

Perhaps your internet site remains constructed in flash that is difficult for search engines like google to read and tough to get admission to on cell devices, or perhaps your website is going for walks on plugins that have now not been updated in years. Updating your internet site with the cutting-edge generation and plugins will assist your website to carry out better and be more efficient, providing a better user experience for your site visitors.
Freelance Website Developer in Singapore

10. You need extra manipulation over updating your internet site.

Having greater management over dealing with and updating your website approach that you could deploy marketing campaigns at a faster rate because you don’t should wait on a person to make the adjustments for you. Having this capability lets in you to check greater touchdown pages and ascertain what is and isn’t working for you at a faster pace, supporting you to look results faster.

11. You want to enhance your website lead technology.

A new design that is streamlined with the proper calls to action allows you to higher optimize your website for lead generation. Implementing calls to action across each internet site web page, which includes on your blog, so you are taking greater gain of each opportunity to convert traffic into leads will drastically make contributions to your backside line.

12. Improve your internet site security.

Perhaps one of the greatest issues of our time is cyber security, and small businesses and entrepreneurs are simply as vulnerable to internet site hacking and viruses as larger groups. If your website turned into constructed years in the past and hasn’t been updated since, you are at extra danger for malware and hacking.

Design process from a client’s perspective is very easy, however it requires lots of effort from a Web Designer Singapore to layout the website. Web Design involves wireframing the proposed design based on the business needs, usage of colors, coding the website and filling up the writeups and do a thorough testing. The before and after of the website design always shows why your website needed a redesign badly. Are you ready to do a website revamp/redesign at a very affordable cost in Singapore? Contact Subraa.

Festive seasons are loaded with promotions and offers, and shopping or availing a service with the best promotional price has never been so exciting. Subraa, Freelance web designer and logo designer in Singapore has some exciting and great promotional offers this new year, take advantage of the offers now and get ready to give a great entry in the digital world.

Avail the best deals and discounts from Subraa, upto 15% discount on the website redesign packages. This offer is valid Until 01 Mar 2020. Call or Whatsapp now at 97957890 or info@subraa.com and get your website affordable price in Singapore.

To learn more interesting articles on website design visit Subraa, to learn more about the color scheme read my article on Essential tips to pick a color scheme for website designing.

February 23 2020

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